Reportage of the Donbass region in Ukraine
During the months of October and November despite the declared Treaty of Minsk "Ceasefire" there continue to be heavy clashes between separatists and the Ukrainian army. Daily battles occur for occupation of the Donetsk airport, considered an important and strategic territory. Shellings of Luhansk, for months without electricity and basic necessities, has brought the city to its knees. And the separatist advancement brings Mariupol ever closer to the frontline. The population of Donbass, now economically isolated, lives in difficult times. Coal production, the main resource of the region has been completely halted by the inability to move it domestically or export it internationally.

Illegal mines however continue to forge ahead despite not paying workers for months. The economic collapse is inevitable if a political solution is not found in the short term. More than 4,000 deaths have been officially registered thus far. Elections not being recognized in Donetsk and Luhansk have further hampered dialogue between the separatist and the rest of the world. Battalions, war prisoners, web star commanders, hidden families in public building basements, bombing and propaganda: this is now Donbass. A region in the heart of a country that once seemed so close to Europe but is now devoid of unity.